Devices data export

General information
Type Exported from Accengage
Description Used to retrieve devices information for all the users that opened the application the day before.
Batch frequency : Daily basis between 1:00 am and 4:00 am (GMT+1)
Field separator : Semi-colon ”;”
Document name
Nomenclature : exportDevices_{app-id}_{date}.csv
AppID : App ID in Accengage interface

Date :
Reference date for document content with “YYYYMMDD” format 
YYYY : Year 
MM : Month 
DD : Day
Document columns
device_id device ID 0291725A-BB67-4EB9- 8914-EE14B283EC0C
IDFA IDFA d271ba55c6c1407492744a93ccbdccad
token token for push notifications ADADD6444709E6F5B5F65F698B95EE39B16D62E1E3B6F472510C1B3523E2AB0F
number_of_visits number of visits in the app 34
install_date first open date of the app 2014-11-13 18:30:00
last_opened last open date of the app 2014-11-13 18:30:00
device_model device model iPhone4,1
os_version device OS version 8.1
language app language fr
bundle_version app version 1.2
latitude last latitude known 48,869
longitude last longitude known 14,298
altitude last altitude known 2587
geolocation_date last geolocation update 2014-11-13 18:30:00
sdk_version Accengage SDK version used in the app 4.1.2


Number of messages we sent to the user where we received an invalid token in response 1
timezone timezone Europe/Paris
system_push_opt-in system optin for push notifications - 0 (no)
- 1 (yes)
enabled_push app optin for push notifications - 0 (no)
- 1 (yes)
enabled_inapps app optin for in-app messages - 0 (no)
- 1 (yes)
country_code country code FR
[member_id] client ID (the name can be different, you can see it in the Accengage interface and he can be different for each application) 1232
[custom_data] custom field added in the Accengage database -
Additional information

- This file only contains data for the day specified in the document name between 00:00 am and 11:59 pm (GMT+1). 
- Columns listed above are available by default but we can add custom fields added in the Accengage database for the export. 
- If some fields are useless thank you for telling us so we can remove them and generate smaller files.

- Accengage will compress the files in a .csv.gz format after 24 hours. The files will be removed after 7 days.

Download the example file exportDevices_6_20151209_example.csv