Devices reactions export

The flow enable you to track all the user targeted by an Accengage campaigns during the previous day and his reactions.

General information
Type Exported from Accengage
Description Used to get all reactions from the previous day at device level
Batch frequency : Daily basis between 1:00 am and 4:00 am (GMT+1)
Field separator : Semi-colon ”;”
Document name
Nomenclature : exportDevicesReactions_{app-id}_{date}.csv
AppID : App ID in Accengage interface

Date :
Reference date for document content with “YYYYMMDD” format 
YYYY : Year 
MM : Month 
DD : Day
Document columns
[member_id] client ID 1425
device_id device ID 0291725A-BB67-4EB9- 8914-EE14B283EC0C
message_id message ID 3072
message_name message label Hello user !
campaign_id campaign ID (if push notification) 323
campaign_name name of the campaign (if push notification) Hello all
optin was the device optin during the last session - 0 (no)
- 1 (yes)

feedback received

the device uninstalled the app

- 0 (no)
- 1 (yes)
reaction did the target react ? - 0 (no)
- 1 (yes)
sending_date date the message was sent 2016-12-11 08:15:43
reaction_date date the user reacted to the message 2016-12-11 09:02:01
Additional information

- This file only contains data for the day specified in the document name between 00:00 am and 11:59 pm (GMT+1).

- Accengage will compress the files in a .csv.gz format after 24 hours. The files will be removed after 7 days.

Download the example file exportDevicesReactions_6_20151209_example.csv