Devices update information

General information
Type Imported in Accengage
Description Updates Accengage devices information with your data.
Batch frequency : Local FTP: Every 10 minutes 
External FTP: Daily basis between 1:00 am and 4:00 am (GMT+1)
Field separator : Semi-colon ”;”
Matching key : You need to confirm if the matching key is “member_id” or “device_id”
Document name
Nomenclature : updateDevices_{app-id}_{date}.csv
AppID : App ID in Accengage interface

Date :
Reference date for document content with “YYYYMMDD” format 
YYYY : Year 
MM : Month 
DD : Day
Document columns
device_id device ID 0291725A-BB67-4EB9- 8914-EE14B283EC0C
[member_id] client ID (the name can be different, you can see it in the Accengage interface and he can be different for each application) 1232
[custom_data] custom field added in the Accengage database -
Additional information
- Columns listed above are available by default but we can add custom fields added in the Accengage database for the update. 
- If in the file one value is empty and we have it in our database, the value in the database will be set to empty
- We need you give us an example file following this documentation. 
- When the upload of the csv file is completed you need to upload an empty txt file with the same name in order to confirm that the upload is finished and we can treat the file. 
- After treating the csv file, we transfer it to our historic system and delete the txt file.
Download the example file updateDevices_6_20151207_example.csv