FTP creation

Before going ahead, we need to create a FTP to host the files. The FTP is a secured one (sFTP) so we need the list of your server IP addresses to white list. This list is our first need to start working on the flows. The fastest we receive them the fastest the flows will be ready to use. Please get in touch with your Accengage Project manager for more information.

Import flows specifications

Incase of import flows into Accengage, we need to define the matching key (device ID or customer ID). For device data imported in the Accengage Database, we need a sample file including the details of new fields to create in our Database: name, label, type (text, decimal, integer, date), size. Please also provide us a data sample.

Fields protection

For each file we export, we protect data between double quotes to prevent an error. For the files you upload to import in our database you need to do the same to guarantee a safe transfert.

Data flow limit

For each flow we will estimate the weight of the generated files based on the number of columns and the number of profiles in the app. If the weight is too high, the delay of development can pass from two weeks to six. If some information (eg. The device model) in the devices data export is not mandatory, please tell us so we can reduce the weight of the generated files.

Beyond a certain volumetry, you will have to qualify your users in order to only transfer profiles registered in the Accengage database.