Static list importation

General information
Type Imported in Accengage
Description Used to import static lists of DeviceIDs/UserIDs in Accengage in order to use it for segmentation purposes.
Batch frequency : Local or external FTP: Every 10 minutes 
Field separator : Semi-colon ”;” (may be another character)
Matching key : You need to confirm if the matching key is “member_id” or “device_id”
Document name
Nomenclature : staticlist_{static-list-name}_{app-id}_{date}.csv
Static list name : Static list name wanted
AppID : App ID in Accengage interface

Date :
Reference date for document content with “YYYYMMDDhhmmss” format 
YYYY : Year, MM : Month, DD : Day, hh : hours, mm : minutes, ss : seconds
Document columns
[member_id] or device_id client ID or device ID 1425

(customization fields) perso1, perso2, customA...

customization fields added in the Accengage Database (optional)

You can add up to 10 custom fields with each 255 characters max

1234, hello, 2016-11-20 15:43:18...
expiry_date expiration date (optional) 2016-12-13 20:00:00
Additional information

- The static list creation is on a truncate-insert mode. This means that if the static list name specified in the document name already exists, it will be replace by this one. If the static list name doesn’t exist, a new static list will be created. 
- We need you to give us an example file following this documentation. 
- When the upload of the csv file is completed you need to upload an empty txt file with the same name in order to confirm that the upload is finished and we can treat the file.
- After treating the csv file, we transfer it to our historic system and delete the files.

- In order to use a custom-field inside your your message, you need to use ${a4p_fieldname} in the title, text or short text field of the push form. Note that the customization fields will only be available if the list is directly targeted. If you combine the list with other criterions in a segment, the personnalization will no longer be available.

Download the example file staticlist_christmas_6_20151207_example.csv