GDPR Compliancy

Data collection

There are two steps for sending user opt-in for data collection to Accengage.

First, there is a parameter that you can override in order to let us know about user opt-in or opt-out for data collection. This parameter is acc_optin_data. In your string ressource file set it to true if you plan to send user opt-in to Accengage :


<string name="acc_optin_data">true</string>

If it is false, we consider that the user opt-in has been retrieved another way.

Then, you MUST call the method setOptinData before any other methods from the Accengage SDK for letting us know the opt-in state of the user.

There are 3 states the user can be in : YESNO or UNKNOWN.

A4S.get(this).setOptinData(this, OptinType.YES);

If it is YES, the SDK will start normally. Otherwise it will not start and no data will be collected.

Furthermore, you can block or allow the collect of an user's geolocation by calling the method setOptinGeoloc.

Like the Optin Data, there are 3 states : YESNO or UNKNOWN

A4S.get(this).setOptinGeoloc(this, OptinType.YES);


A sample is available on Github :