Android Changelog Sdk


4.1.10-13 April 2021
  • Method isAccengagePush() is now checking for silent pushes
  • Method isAccengageVisiblePush() added to check for visible Accengage pushes

4.1.9-20 January 2021
  • Fix GDPR request when we go from optout data to optin data

4.1.8-15 December 2020
  • Fix push button click when there are many notifications

4.1.7-24 November 2020
  • Replaced MD5 encrypt with SHA-256
  • Improved display of Alarms with Geofences.

4.1.6-15 October 2020
  • Fix push button click with noAction when app is in background
  • Fix icon color for BigTextBigPicture push template
  • Improve Alarm management

4.1.5-25 August 2020
  • Improve device ID check with GDPR feature
  • Avoid crash when a SDK task turns to null and tries to be executed

4.1.4-10 June 2020
  • Fix crash during inapp display on activity without any view

4.1.3-04 May 2020
  • Make the SDK compatible with proguard optimizations

4.1.2-25 March 2020
  • Improvements on push customization

4.1.1-12 February 2020
  • Remove use of Install Referrer Broadcast
  • Improve InApps templates to handle AndroidX MaterialComponents library
  • Deprecate old UpdateDeviceInfo method. Use UpdateDeviceInformation instead February 2020
  • Fix potential exception when retrieving InApp messages

4.1.0-06 January 2020
  • Improve push handling
  • Improve intent handling in activities
  • Fix bigTextBigPicture push template with vignette
  • Fix ANRs that may happen on inapp and scheduled alarm

4.0.4-29 October 2019
  • Fix bug on popup button actions
  • Fix bug related to push and push buttons clicks when the Service is dead
  • Fix ANR that may happen on database use
  • Fix log activation from the ACCInfo app

4.0.3-09 September 2019
  • Use separate data directory for the SDK Process

4.0.2-28 August 2019
  • Fix bug related to deeplink when app is open

4.0.1-29 July 2019
New Features:
  • Fix bug related to Alarm feature

4.0.0-22 July 2019
New Features:
  • AndroidX compatibility
  • Automatic SDK integration in Activities lifecycle
  • Wait for device unlocking before launching Push action
  • Fix for gzip decompression images
  • Fix crash related to exception not caught when registering to FCM

3.8.6-27 May 2019
New Features:
  • Improvement in GDPR implementation
  • Enhancement in new UDI method
  • Fix bug related to Keyguard

3.8.5-05 April 2019
New Features:
  • Fix threading issue causing ANRs in InApp module
  • Fix for UDI method when request are sent with a very small interval
  • Fix bug related to Beacon ContentProvider not being instanciated properly
  • Fix bug related to alarm not being checked in InApp module

3.8.4-10 January 2019
New Features:
  • Fix issue regarding custom URL override
  • Fix issue regarding tracking display/dismiss of Push Notification when app does not have network
  • Fix issue regarding dynamic partnerId change
  • Fix issue regarding spacing in BigTextBigPicture template

3.8.3-12 November 2018
New Features:
  • Use of JobScheduler API for managing Geofence Notifications
  • Use of JobScheduler API for managing Alarm Notifications
  • Add service interruption for Subscription Tag

3.8.2 (HotFix)-10 October 2018
New Features:
  • Fix DeviceTag deletion

3.8.1 (Minor)-5 September 2018
New Features:
  • Update ProGuard rules
  • Fix text display in Pop-Up for InApp
  • Update the way click events are handled for Interstitial InApp

-14 August 2018
New Features:
  • Due to Kotlin related issues, we had to remove versions 3.7.2, 3.7.1 & 3.7.0 from our Bintray repository to prevent issues in your apps. Please, use the version 3.8.0

3.8.0 (Major)-26 July 2018
New Features:
  • New API for updating Device Information
  • New API for registering Device Tag
  • Fix issue regarding dynamic partnerId change
  • Fix issue regarding spacing in BigTextBigPicture template
  • Removal of Kotlin

3.7.2 (Hotfix)-8 June 2018
  • Fixed overriding of device information on Android Oreo
  • Fixed issue regarding geolocation info not being sent to server

3.7.1 (Minor)-31 May 2018
  • Fixed app name displaying 2 times on Android 7.0+
  • Fixed crash when a deeplink doesn't exist
  • Fixed crash with the method trackEvent() when no second parameter is given

3.7.0 (Major)-07 May 2018
New features:
  • Add GDPR support (see our Migration Guide to see how to handle it)
  • Kotlin dependency added (see our Migration Guide to see how to handle it)

3.6.5 (Minor)-02 March 2018
  • Push: Fixed a possible duplication of the rich push
  • AccIdsContentProvider is not obfuscated any more
  • Fixed a few crashs linked with the SDK IPC mechanism
  • Firebase plugin updated to 2.0 (Firebase version 11.8.0) (Hotfix)-03 January 2018
  • Crash monitoring: fixed authority name conflicts which could arise in certain rare cases
  • Google Play Services Plugin updated to 11.8.0

3.6.4 (Minor)-13 December 2017
New Features:
  • Crash monitoring (beta) - Please implement the following workaround if you are using version 3.6.4, otherwise you can update directly to
  • Add dismissView to cancel a view that was previously set (to avoid setting a new one for another fragment, for instance)
  • support-v4 is replaced by support-compat library (API 27)
  • push opt-in status is now synchronized with the server
  • A4SIdsProvider is deprecated and replaced by AccIdsContentProvider
  • Fixed a bug when a POST request content is not sent if it contains the word 'null'

3.6.3 (Minor)-26 October 2017
  • Fixed a crash while the SDK service initialisation

3.6.2 (Minor)-11 September 2017
  • Fixed a crash when an interactive button with browser action is clicked

3.6.1 (Minor)-09 August 2017
  • Minimum Android SDK is now 14 (Android 4.0)
  • Android O Background limitations support
  • Android O Notifications Channels support
  • Upgrade to Support Library v26.0.0
  • Add new push interactive buttons actions: none and request
  • Fixed crash when the service is destroyed before being fully initialized
  • Push token is correctly send at each application start (Hotfix)-24 August 2017
  • Fixed a crash while the SDK service initialisation
  • Push token is correctly send at each application start (Hotfix)-18 July 2017
  • Push: insecure push is disabled by default
  • Inbox: provided a public access to message ID and button message ID (required for Messaging with Firebase)
  • Inbox: Fixed a parsing of button custom parameters

3.6.0 (Major)-26 June 2017
New Features:
  • Easier SDK Integration, please follow the Migration Guide when upgrading from previous version
  • Official FCM support, please use our FCM plugin
  • Dynamic PartnerId switch support
  • Inbox statistics need to be implemented manually, please follow the Migration Guide when upgrading from previous version
  • The custom BigTextBigPicture push template now uses Android N guidelines in last versions of Android
  • Remove Facebook integration inside the Accengage SDK
  • Opt-in status in now correctly send in Android N
  • Custom In-Apps lifecycle now correctly manage click capping
  • Static List now contains name
  • Fixed capping loss when In-App is disabled and re-enabled
  • Minor bugfixes
Known Issues:
  • When a push is received, a toast is displayed. You need to disable the secure push. Add in your strings.xml:

3.5.4 (Minor)-09 August 2017
New Features:
  • Minimum Android SDK is now 14 (Android 4.0)
  • Android O Background limitations support
  • Android O Notifications Channels support
  • Upgrade to Support Library v26.0.0
  • Fixed capping loss when In-App is disabled and re-enabled
  • Plugin Google Play Services updated to 10.2.6

3.5.3 (Minor)-27 March 2017
  • In-App: Fixed click capping for custom In-App templates. InApp.handleClick() now handle click capping
  • Geofence: Fixed link between geofences and groups and personalization fields.
  • StaticList: Fixed the name property. It's not empty if a static list has a name.

3.5.2 (Minor)-6 March 2017
  • Fixed crash when Rich Push is displayed. Some IDs were removed by Gradle when application min SDK is 21.
  • Fixed crash when application is killed before the SDK fully register all services (produce an IllegalArgumentException Service not registered)
  • Fixed push accent color parsing. The parameter now supports #RRGGBB and #AARRGGBB formats
  • Fixed a compatibility error preventing HTML5 videos working in banners. (Hotfix)-09 January 2017
  • Alarm: Fixed a rare crash when alarm is displayed
  • Alarm: Fixed interactive buttons tracking

3.5.1 (Minor)-03 November 2016
New Features:
  • Push/Alarm: Possibility to customize the task's back stack
  • Alarm: Fixed a rare crash while checking alarm
  • Push: Fixed the task's back stack for interactive buttons
  • Push: isA4SPush method is become public and relocated to A4S class
  • In-App: Improved the interstitial template with a navigation bar
  • In-App: System custom fields can be used in the rich push url
  • Beacons: Fixed a case when newly registered beacons may not be detected (Hotfix)-22 August 2016
  • NotificationClientCreator is no more mandatory to have working push actions

3.5.0 (Major)-08 August 2016
New Features:
  • Minimum Android SDK is now 9 (Android 2.3)
  • In-App/Alarm: Pressure by categories
  • In-App: Possibility to customise In-App's templates at runtime
  • Alarm: Possibility to shift or cancel an alarm within exclusion range
  • Push: Possibility to display Notifications Buttons in Notification Popup
  • Push: Possibility to customise Notifications templates and actions at runtime
  • Alarm: Fixed alarm set with calendar date
  • Alarm: Alarm content is refreshed even if alarm is already set
  • Push: Fixed GCM unsubscribtion when Push are disabled
  • Push: Fixed push display on some devices with API 9
  • Push: Badges feature is now a separate component
  • Inbox: Add getters to access customs params of Inbox Messages and Buttons
  • Minimum Android SDK is now 9. Android SDK under 9 are no more supported. Use SDK 3.4.x if needed
Known issue:
  • Push actions are not executed. To fix this, upgrade to SDK or follow this : Android#CustomisingNotificationsatRuntime Implemented methods can return null.

3.4.2 (Minor)-04 November 2016
  • Alarm: Fixed a rare crash while checking alarm
  • Alarm: Fixed alarm set with calendar date
  • In-App: Improved the interstitial template with a navigation bar
  • Push: Fixed GCM unsubscribtion when Push are disabled
  • Beacons: Fixed a case when newly registered beacons may not be detected
  • Inbox: Add getters to access customs params of Inbox Messages and Buttons (Minor)-25 July 2016
  • Refresh Device ID in Application Process to correctly replace Device ID in In-App URLs

3.4.1 (Minor)-31 May 2016
  • Fixed a conflict with default application SharedPreferences
  • Fixed a cache of Update Device Info when requests are merged
  • Push: Resource ids are properly generated for bigpicture templates
  • Fixed a conflict with default application SharedPreferences

3.4.0 (Major)-14 April 2016
New Features:
  • In-App/Alarm: Add support for persistent messages
  • In-App: Complete customisation of Popup templates
  • Alarm: Add click capping support
  • Beacons/Geofence: Add support for personalization fields
  • Beacons/Geofence: Add support for groups
  • Push: The SDK can now use vectorial icons for push
  • Tracking: Change trackEvent signature, a value is now mandatory
  • Alarm: Alarm timer now start correctly when the user leaves the app (depending Accengage User Interface configuration)
  • Update GooglePlayServices : InstanceID is now used instead old deprecated APIs (Google Play Services minimum version is now 2.0.0)
  • Eclipse support. Android Studio is now mandatory

3.3.1 (Minor)-3 May 2016
New Features:
  • Push: The SDK can now use vectorial icons for push
  • Tracking: Update Device Info cache is now reset at each session
  • Push: Enable tracking for Push Notification Buttons
  • Badge: Fixed a compilation error that could prevent some launchers support
  • Badge: Fixed rare crash when badge was reset
  • Rich Push: Fixed rare NullPointerException when A4SInterstitial's orientation changed
  • In-App/Alarm: In-Apps are now correctly refreshed after Update Device Info completion
  • In-App: Better In-Apps redirection managment
  • In-App: Fixed rare crash when an In-App was ready to display but is no more available (after an InAppConfig refresh)
  • In-App: Fixed crash when an existing timer from an In-App was removed
  • In-App: Fixed an issue with cyrillic (2 bytes UTF-8) letters
  • Alarm: A CancelAlarm does not necessarily cancel an alarm for the entire session
  • Geofence: Improve monitoring algorithm and optimise the impact on battery (Low battery impact)

3.3.0 (Major)-13 January 2016
New Features:
  • Static Lists : Add/Remove and get subscription status for lists of users
  • In-App/Alarm : Global Capping between distinct messages
  • n-App/Alarm : Global Delay between distinct messages
  • Push : Custom notification sound
  • Push : Badge (with count) can now be displayed on your Launcher Icon (ADW, APEX, Asus, HTC, LG, NOVA, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi)
  • Permission status for PermissionGroups (Calendar, Location..) can now be retrieved and synced with our servers (Android 5.0+)
  • Source is now automatically updated on In-App Click (in order to track actions and events triggered following a Click)
  • Action CLOSE is now broadcasted when Rich Push is closed (broadcast includes custom parameters). This should help you trigger action after a Landing Page has been seen and closed by users (like a deep link)
  • You can now remove toast displays when Accengage logs are activated
  • Optimized Facebook Integration (More details for events, Session handling and updated version in order to remove deprecation warnings on Facebook Dashboard)
  • Slightly optimized In-App Popup tracking
  • Fixed a rare case where bulkable requests were retried too many times
  • Fixed a potential Android Studio compile error due to a missing id in a push custom template
  • Fixed a regression on InApp 'File'. File is now correctly broadcasted to the developer

3.2.3 (Minor)-6 January 2016
New Feature:
  • Fixed a rare crash when an In-App is closed (due to the following 3.1.8 fix : Fixed sound that was still playing when WebView is in background)
  • External tasks are now correctly persisted and restored
  • Title and Content in Popup are now correctly left aligned (following Material Design guidelines)

3.2.2 (Minor)-16 November 2015
New Feature:
  • Fixed a crash for URL Schemes containing special character '%'

3.2.1 (Minor)-8 October 2015
New Feature:
  • You can now use distinct templates for GCM and ADM
  • Fixed icon size in the Accengage Push Template for ADM pushes
  • Rules about Beacons and Geofences are now checked when alarms are scheduled AND before displaying a Scheduled Alarm
  • Fixed a rare case where the In-App Popup does not properly launch the Landing Page
  • Fixed a crash due to Recurrence persistence
  • In-App Callbacks now return the container's id and template name (Minor)-21 September 2015
New Feature:
  • Fixed GCMHandler wrongly obfuscated
  • Fixed rare crash with Icon in Popup (In-App and Push messages)
  • Fixed wrong push token formats returned by GCM

3.2.0 (Major)-9 September 2015
New Features:
  • Beacons (Geofence and beacons can now be used to trigger In-App and/or Scheduled alarms)
  • Push Notifications with Buttons (like iOS Interactive Notifications)
  • Amazon Cloud Messaging support and plugin (available soon)
  • Multiple in-app displays, advanced positionning and new lifecycle management
  • In-App closing and updateDeviceInfo method are now available through URLs and SchemeURLs
  • In-App Global and Session Timers
  • In-App Exclusions
  • External web services (Facebook for instance) are now cached and managed like internal ones
Major Changes:
  • GCMHandler can now be extended in order to make easier multiple push system management
  • Cart, Purchase, Item currencies must now be a valid ISO4217 format (or an exception will be thrown)
  • Removed Members feature; related methods are not accessible anymore. If you were using the feature, please remove/replace it
  • Removed deprecated updateUserPreferences method, please replace it with updateDeviceInfo method
  • sendGCMToken, please use sendPushToken instead
  • setDoNotTrackEnabled, please use enableTracking / disableTracking instead, this new method let's you decide if you want to flush all pending requests or not
  • isDoNotTrackEnabled, please use isTrackingEnabled instead
  • isGCMEnabled and setGCMEnabled, please use isPushEnabled and setPushEnabled instead
  • You can now use getA4S().setIntent() inside the onNewIntent method instead of this.setIntent()
  • SDK Logs are now more detailed and clearer
  • App Icon is now displayed next to A4SPopup title when Popup is triggered by a Push or Shceduled alarm

3.1.8 (Minor)-16 November 2015
New Feature:
  • Fixed sound that was still playing when WebView was in background
  • Fixed Push Notification large icon size that was too big on some devices and Android versions
  • Fixed a rare case when clicking on a notification failed to start the application (due to an issue with the Android Framework)
  • Fixed accent color that were sometimes not correctly applied to custom extended notification templates
  • Add tags to network requests. You can now visualize Accengage SDK requests using DDMS.

3.1.7 (Minor)-8 October 2015
New Feature:
  • GooglePlayServices Plugin : Fixed some issues with some Backoff behaviors. It's recommended to update the plugin to the latest version (1.6.1)
  • GCM Token is now filtered to exclude bad tokens (returned by GCM in rare cases or manually provided)
  • Scheduled Alarms are no more canceled when a new configuration is loaded
  • Fixed a crash when displaying Popup with Icon in some versions of Android
  • Fixed a known Android 4.2 crash with webview component when Accessibility Speech is activated.
  • Fixed a crash when Landing Page's URL is wrongly configured
  • Slightly optimized Scheduled Alarm tracking
  • Fixed a bug with In-App display when 'Display only once by event' option is checked
  • Fixed : In-App Text templates without action are now correctly capturing the click (elements under the banner/interstitial are not clickable anymore)
  • In-App Pop-ups are now scrollable (Minor)-19 August 2015
New Feature:
  • Fixed Push Backoff delay not working as expected when Push services are installed but registration is temporarily unavailable
  • Fixed InApp PopMessage triggering 2 Display Tracking instead of one when device is rotated
  • Fixed Android 6.0 Anti-Backup Strategy

3.1.6 (Minor)-17 August 2015
New Feature:
  • Some minor changes for the SDK to anticipate compatibility with Android 6.0 Marshmallow (tested with Developer Preview 2)
  • IMPORTANT : A4SSDK-GooglePlayServices Plugin has been updated, please update it if you are planning to build your app with targetSDKVersion 23
  • Fixed opening app 'source' that could be wrong in some rare cases
  • Fixed 2 rare cases of NullPointerException for In-App module
  • Fixed 1 rare case of NullPointerException for RequestManager modules
  • Fixed com_ad4screen_sdk_template_text_fullscreen_nobuttons template that wrongly contained some buttons
  • 2 minor fixes (JSON Serialization of null objects + isRestrictedConnection method could, in some rare cases, wrongly return false)
  • Fixed a rare case where an in-app could be wrongly displayed with event and/or state conditions due to a problem with session reset
  • Fixed Inbox Message 'sendDate' that was wrong if user local time was not GMT+2
  • Fixed error messages that could not be correctly parsed when coming from a bulk request

3.1.5 (Minor)-15 July 2015
New Feature:
  • Fixed a rare case where the GCM Registration payload is null
  • Fixed rare cases of ConcurrentModificationException and NullPointerException on RequestManager
  • Fixed minor memory leak
  • Fixed truncate prices in A4SWebView's events

3.1.4 (Minor)-18 June 2015
New Feature:
  • Better request error management
  • Fixed UpdateDeviceInfo that sometimes could not be sent with values like '+1' or '-1' because SDK considered wrongly that these values had already been sent
  • A4SWebview is now debuggable when you are compiling your app in debug mode
  • Fixed a rare case of request loss on first app open
  • Fixed trackPurchase item price and totalPrice that were converted to integers when the event was launched from a Webview
  • Fixed a very rare case of GCM tokens that could be invalidated and not correctly refreshed when app was updated

3.1.3 (Minor)-9 April 2015
New Feature:
  • Fixed Push that could not be displayed correctly on API 8,9,10 (Android 2.2 and 2.3)
  • Push logo is not downloaded anymore on platforms that do not support notification largeIcon (display is faster)
  • Bitmap download timeout is increased from 10 sec to 20 sec (this improves chances of downloading a picture/logo when Internet connection isn't very good)
  • Various minor fixes on extended push picture and logo display (BigPictureStyle and related templates)
  • Fixed country code and language fields that could be wrong if Locale.setDefault was called inside your app
  • Fixed rare cases of ConcurrentModificationException on RequestManager
  • Fixed a rare case of NullPointerException at launch of A4SPopup
  • Fixed a very rare webview inflate crash when an inApp is displayed
  • Fixed a very rare crash due to String encoding problem on some devices
  • Fixed wrong default script URL on A4SWebview (default script URL is only a backup URL used if our server does not give a script URL to use. Because it's never the case, you should not notice any difference)
  • Minor fix on member feature
  • Fixed a very rare crash due to String encoding problem on some devices

3.1.2 (Minor)-12 March 2015
New Feature:
  • Added BigPictureStyle support and a custom A4S BigPictureStyle template which can display multiple lines of text
  • SDK now retrieves system push opt-in and opt-out (“Display notification” checkbox status in app settings)
  • Inbox Sample has been completely redesigned. Integration should now be easier
  • SDK has now fully migrated to new webservice architecture. This means that the SDK will now do less network requests and battery consumption will be reduced.
  • In-App: A check is now done in order to check if configuration has expired before displaying any in-app message (same as iOS)
  • SDK can now detect if GCM sender id has changed from previous launch and automatically updates registration
  • Removed documentLaunchMode and maxRecents from SDK Manifest
  • Updated cache behavior (request will be retried at app launch for 5 days vs. 3 weeks previously)
  • Push: Popup will no longer be displayed when device is locked or screen is off
  • Push: accent color is now applied only if an alternative small icon is provided
  • A4SWebview: setView, trackLead, trackPurchase, trackAddToCart and updateDeviceInfo methods can now be called from a webview
  • A4SWebview: custom script URL can now replace URL parameters like |partnerId|
  • Delay between two displays of a same In-App message is now enabled between sessions
  • Fixed In-App animations (enter/exit) that could be triggered multiple times if webview is redirected multiple times. This feature is not yet available on our server.
  • Fixed In-App Popup that could sometimes show up on A4SInterstitial activity and prevent LandingPage display
  • Fixed a crash on Text Landing Page (only on text specific templates) when orientation changes
  • Fixed a potential small memory leak
  • Fixed Inbox feature that was not working correctly since 3.1.0
  • Fixed a rare case of Bitmap download failing without reason
  • Fixed 3 rare NullPointerException crashes
  • GooglePlayServices Plugin: Fixed a rare NullPointerException crash due to GC
  • GooglePlayServices Plugin: Fixed Geofence transition broadcast that was not correctly sent to your receiver (Minor)-3 February 2015
New Feature:
  • Added the ability to set a custom script to A4SWebview from Manifest
  • Fixed A4SWebview that was not able to track an https page due to new Chromium webview version (Android 4.3+)
  • Fixed Geolocation, InApp and RequestManager modules that could in some rare cases not shutdown properly
  • If shrinkResources is enabled, SDK's required resources are now kept (previously removed because wrongly considered as useless by gradle system)

3.1.1 (Minor)-27 November 2014
New Feature:
  • Integration can now be done using Gradle/Maven and jcenter
  • Fixed updateMemberInfo/updateDeviceInfo crash on duplicate key/value
  • Fixed a rare IndexOutOfBoundsException on RequestManager
  • Fixed a rare crash on A4SPopup
  • Changed Proguard config for Gradle
  • Removed access_fine_location permission from library Manifest. This permission must now be added to your app manifest.

3.1.0 (Major)-4 november 2014
New Feature:
  • Push Notifications are now using new Android 5.0 Lollipop Design and Webview LandingPage has been updated (buttons, fonts, ripple effect, ..). To add this to your app, Please see: Push Notifications
  • Local Notifications (define push notification that can be displayed after an event or/and a delay, even in offline mode)
  • You can now define a tracking mode to Restricted or Normal in order to fit your privacy needs.
  • All SDK requests are now using HTTPS+OAuth by default and all requests are cached/merged and group sent
  • Added Push Notification customization, please see : Customizing Push Notifications
  • Added setRestrictedConnection and isRestrictedConnection methods, you can use it to stop temporarily any network requests from our SDK, please see Optional Code
  • Added setView method, you can use it to define a view by code, please see In-App Advanced
  • Geolocation is available through our GooglePlayServices plugin, please see Plugins
  • Geofencing is available through our GooglePlayServices plugin, please see Geofencing
  • File format support added, please see Deep Linking
  • In-App webviews without LandingPage are now browsable (you can scroll and switch pages)
  • You can now display an in-app only once by event
  • A RichPush template can now be defined using User Interface
  • SDK integration is now easier, thanks to Manifest Merger + Updated AndroidManifest for Android Studio, please see Basic Integration
  • Added templates without close buttons and without action bar (these templates are same as default one but with a _nobuttons appended at the end of the filename)
  • A fullscreen banner is now always in fullscreen ignoring any previously defined position by developer
  • Fixed a rare crash when using member feature without network connection
  • Fixed A4SIDProvider minor bug
  • Geolocation now instantly stops after app close (previously about 10 sec after app close)
  • LandingPage webview (A4SInterstitial) state is now preserved on orientation change (page is not reloaded when portrait and landscape are same url)
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Better performance and reduced battery usage

3.0.8 (Minor)-15 september 2014
New Feature:
  • Added some additional checks to ManifestChecker
  • Fixed some small bugs

3.0.7 (Minor)-21 august 2014
New Feature:
  • New Feature : Extended/Multi-lines Notifications
  • Fixed RichPush not opening correctly when intent is reset/modified by a developer
  • Fixed some issues with ManifestChecker
  • In-App click tracking is now only triggered if there's any LandingPage to display

3.0.5 (Minor)-21 july 2014
New Feature:
  • SDK is not using anymore : IMEI or/and MAC Address, in order to be compliant with new Google Play Rules
  • In order to retrieve you device id, please download
  • Advertiser ID full support added. If you want it, please use our GooglePlayServices plugin
  • Added A4S IDFV
  • Fixed a potential crash with Android PackageManager
  • Fixed some crashes with ManifestChecker
  • Fixed a crash when URL Schemas used to open the app is not hierarchical
  • Fixed click customs params that were not broadcasted on 'close' button of PopMessage InApp