iOS Changelog Sdk


7.1.1 (Minor)-February 26, 2021
Bug fixes:
  • Fixes an issue with the Update Device Information completion handler.

7.1.0 (Major)-September 17, 2020
iOS 14 Support:
  • Requires Xcode 12+
  • Updated with support for iOS 14 and Xcode 12
Enhancements & bug fixes:
  • Adds a deep link delegate to allow complete control over URL processing and override the SDK default behaviour.
  • Fixes an issue with the tracking click on the notification in foreground app.

7.0.5 (Minor)-July 9, 2020
Bug fixes:
  • Fixes an issue causing in-app banner not to be displayed when using the html editor and on older devices.
  • Fixes an issue causing the webview tracking legacy UDI method not to be handled properly.

7.0.4 (Minor)-May 26, 2020
Bug fixes:
  • Fix an issue causing in-app messages not to respect the safe area in certain cases.

7.0.3 (Minor)-March 12, 2020
Bug fixes:
  • Minor fixes.

7.0.2 (Minor)-January 30, 2020
Bug fixes:
  • Minor fixes.

7.0.1 (Minor)-November 20, 2019
Bug fixes:
  • Fix a bug on rich push Webview with toolbar template on iPhone 11 and iPhone XR.

7.0.0 (Major)-September 17, 2019
New Features & Changes:
  • Introduces iOS 13 and Xcode 11 support
  • MacOS Catalyst compatible release
  • Added support for iOS 13 location permissions
  • Minimum target is now iOS 11, dropped support for iOS 8, 9 and 10
  • Dropped support for UIWebView. To migrate to WKWebView, check out the SDK 7.0 documentation
  • ACCPush handleActionWithIdentifier: forRemoteNotification:
  • ACCPush handleActionWithIdentifier: forRemoteNotification: withResponseInfo:
  • ACCPush didReceiveLocalNotification:
  • ACCPush handleActionWithIdentifier: forLocalNotification:
  • ACCPush handleActionWithIdentifier: forLocalNotification: withResponseInfo:

6.4.5 (Minor)-November 20, 2019
  • Remove the use of the deprecated UIWebView component.
  • Fix a bug on rich push Webview with toolbar template on iPhone 11 and iPhone XR.

6.4.4 (Minor)-July 31 2019
  • Handle in-app custom capping by the Accengage SDK and not by the application
  • Fix a bug that causes conflicts between the Accengage SDK and Firebase
  • Fix an issue related to archived inbox messages

6.4.3 (Minor)-May 27 2019
  • Minor fixes

6.4.2 (Minor)-April 4 2019
  • Fixed an issue causing the unit test process to crash in certain cases
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the SDK from tracking custom in-app messages

6.4.1 (Minor)-January 24 2019
New Features:
  • Added HTML5 video inline playback support in in-app messages
  • Fixed an issue causing Interface Builder to crash when using IBDesignable

6.4.0 (Major)-October 16 2018
New Features:
  • Introduces iOS 12 support
  • Provisional authorization
  • Custom settings authorization
  • Grouped notifications
  • Custom grouping
  • Summary text
  • Adds performance improvements to the crash reporting system

6.3.2 (Minor)-September 18 2018
  • Fixes an issue causing UpdateDeviceInfo increments and decrements not to work properly in certain cases (versions affected by the bug are 6.3.0 and 6.3.1)

6.3.1 (Minor)-September 5 2018
New Features:
  • Added new ACCPushDelegate methods allowing to retrieve all payload parameters
  • Fixed a bug that caused the in-app message to keep being displayed after passing to a non-tagged view in certain cases

6.3.0 (Major)-July 16, 2018
New Features:
  • User Profile API: Device Tags
  • User Profile API: New UpdateDeviceInformation method
  • States
  • Native rating prompt support
  • Adds the possibility to limit the number of regions monitored by the SDK
  • Event API has been updated and certain methods are now deprecated
  • Accengage trackEvent: withParameters:
  • Accengage updateDeviceInfo:
  • SDK Size: ~1 MB

6.3.0-beta (Beta iOS 12)-July 16 2018
New Features:
  • This SDK version was built using the iOS 12 Beta API
  • Make sure to use it for test purposes only and not for the App Store submission

6.2.1 (Minor)-May 31 2018
  • Fixed a bug that caused the inbox message date not to have a value in certain cases
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the correct push opt-in information update
  • Fixed a bug that could affect beacon and geofence monitoring in certain cases

6.2.0 (Major)-May 7 2018
New Features:
  • Adds GDPR support. Note that the SDK integration needs to be modified to ensure GDPR compliance. Make sure to read the corresponding documentation before integrating the SDK as well as the SDK migration guide.

6.1.6 (Minor)-March 12 2018
New Features:
  • Introduces a possibility to delay the SDK launch.
  • Fixed compilation errors that occured if certain build flags were enabled.
  • Enabled custom parameters for Inbox buttons.

6.1.5 or (Minor)-January 4 2018
New Features:
  • Fix DeviceTag deletion
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the correct inbox display in certain cases
  • Version was renamed to 6.1.5 to prevent any possible issue during the submission process. No code has been changed, only the naming. If you are using version, you can simply update to version 6.1.5.

6.1.4 (Minor)-December 14, 2017
New Features:
  • Stability improvements: added an additional layer of security throughout the SDK
  • Bug fixes: fixed a bug that prevented in-app message content update following a field update
  • Other: added crash reporting. This means that the SDK now sends crash reports to Accengage servers. This behaviour can be disabled by setting the crashReportingEnabled property of the ACCConfiguration to NO.
  • Known issues: inbox is not correctly displayed in certain cases (fixed in 6.1.5)
  • SDK Size: ~580 Ko

6.1.3 (Minor)-October 30, 2017
New Features:
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

6.1.2 (Minor)-August 22, 2017
New Features:
  • Fixed rare crash related to the request management
  • Fixed the iOS 11 Main Thread checker warnings

6.1.1 (Minor)-June 29, 2017
New Features:
  • Fixed the In-App messages and Alarms updating issue, after an user field update
  • Fixed the date synchronization issue that impacted Alarms scheduling

6.1.0 (Major) -June 26, 2017
New Features:
  • Adds support for media attachments for Local Notifications
  • Adds support for WKWebView framework.
  • Introduces transparent InApp templates.
  • Introduces new tracking methods for the Inbox.
  • Introduces the status displayed for the Inbox.
  • The In-App lock has henceforth no effect on Alarms.
  • Fixed Alarms exclusion range bug
  • Avoids to remove CLRegion that aren't monitored by our services
  • Replaces +[BMA4SInBox obtainMessagesForMembers:withHandler:] with +[BMA4SInBox obtainMessagesWithCompletionHandler:]