React Native Changelog


2.0.0 (Major)-January 2020
Major React Native upgrade:
  • Upgrading the React Native version to 0.60 (to be compatible with Autolinking)
  • Some breaking changes were made to methods name so please check our migration guide (

1.2.2 (Hotfix)-30 October 2019
Bug fix:
  • Fixing the push events listeners to retrieve all the custom params and the payload correctly

1.2.0 (Major)-11 July 2019
New Features:
  • Updating SDK versions to 3.8.6 (Android) and 6.4.3 (iOS)
  • Introduces iOS 12 support
  • Added HTML5 video inline playback support in in-app messages for iOS
  • Bug fixes

1.1.2 (Hotfix)-14 February 2019
New Features:
  • Fixing trackEvent method not existing anymore for Android

1.1.1 (Minor)-05 December 2018
New Features:
  • Updating SDK versions to 3.8.3 (Android) and 6.3.2 (iOS)
  • Adding custom buttons feature for iOS
  • Replace GCM by FCM
  • Adding a new Custom Event method for iOS
  • Adding a new Update Device Information method
  • Adding Subscription Tags (Device Tags) support
  • Adding States support

1.1.0 (Major)-18 September 2018
New Features:
  • Updating SDK versions to 3.8.0 (Android) and 6.3.0 (iOS)
  • Adding GDPR methods support (check Common Integration to see how to implement)