Web Changelog Sdk


3.5-February 2019
New Features:
  • Fix possible users permission re-asking when migrating from SDK version 3.1.x or 3.2.x to >= 3.3
  • Add interactive action in Landing Page - Firefox 72 and more

3.4-October 2018
New Features:
  • Add compatibility with Safari Mac >= 11.1

3.3-June 2018
New Features:
  • add support for the optin on client's domain
  • add "push:requestBrowserPermission" command
  • add support for legacy optin system

3.2-April 2018
New Features:
  • add the "collect:setOptinData" command
  • add the "collect:getOptinData" command
  • add collect plugins which handle the GDPR process

3.1-May 2017
New Features:
  • add the "modern" theme
  • overlay and second re-asking delay for alert optin options ("blank" is now replaced with "custom" theme)
  • allow parameters for the "push:showAlert" command
  • add the "push:isOptin" command
  • allow reception of encrypted payload for web notifications (enhance the display by adding notification buttons and image with Chrome browser)
  • remove the "core:isOptin" command for the new "push:isOptin" (still handling legacy command with this major version)
  • add the Track plugin

3.0-October 2016
New Features:
  • remove the "push:isCompliant" command for the new "core:isCompliantWithPushPlugin" (still handling legacy command with this major version)
  • add the Facebook Messenger plugin
  • Push plugin can now be optional

2.1-June 2016
New Features:
  • now compliant with FirefoxDesktop46+
  • allow "update device info" commands with incremental values

2.0-January 2016
New Features:
  • handling multi-domain websites (with both http and https protocols) as one application
  • simplification of snippet code
  • simplication of the whole integration
  • no files are needed to be hosted on the client website
  • core plugin update : add new commands (update device info, is optin, add custom listeners, get device id)
  • push plugin update : add multiple commands (showAlert, launch landing on click, is compliant, add custom listeners)
  • debug widget addition
  • works with Chrome44+, ChromeForAndroid44+

1.1-December 2015
New Features:
  • HTTP redirection modal
  • Fix on user fields
  • Fix timezone management

1.0-October 2015
New Features:
  • Push notifications on Chrome 43+
  • HTTPS pages only
  • Monitor openings and reactions to web notifications
  • Offline Cache for monitoring data