Actions and campaigns


A campaign is a file in which you create one or more messages. It allows you to fetch overall statistics for messages of the same type and organise your actions in the interface.


There are various types of messages in Accengage.

Classic notification

  • Opens the application.

Rich push notification

  • Opens the application and then Webview (HTML content) on top of the application.
  • Opens the application and then a specific corner of the application.
  • Opens the application and then triggers a call, opens the app store, etc.


  • Displays banner/interstitial following targeting
  • Displays banner/interstitial following an action within the application
  • Displays AlertView within the application, with several action buttons

Scheduled alarm

  • Programmed when messages are sent using a timer or on a specific date.
  • Add exclusion ranges for sending messages

Automatic messaging

  • Set up automatic welcome packs or programmes for prompting inactive users. Notification scenarios.

Push multi-app

  • You can also create one message and route it to several applications simultaneously.

Inbox messages

  • List messages, in your app, that users can read when they like.