Inbox Messages

The Inbox is related to the internal mail service offered by a mobile application. On your Accengage Interface, you can define and customize the sending of inbox messages to your mobile users by following the guide below:

  • Go to the menu Actions > Inbox Messages
  • Then click on New Inbox
  • Complete the different sections of inbox message form

Inbox message content

  • Subject : title of your message
  • Sender : person who sends
  • Category : to use if you want to organize your sendings (this field is transparent to the mobile user)
  • Expiration date : to use if you want the delete of your message at a defined moment.
  • Timezone : you can choose a time zone to which the message will be delivered
  • Content type : web, text, url scheme, url, rich push, event

    • web  : displays the web page whose URL has been entered within the inbox messages
    • Text  : text message, you can put a hook in short to arouse the opening of inbox contents Diagram  - URL : redirect to an internal page of the application or can be used for a specific action (as sms , call, facebook page ...) - Rich push : allows the inclusion of a web page that will display either webview ( on top of the app ) or browser - Event: used to trigger an event after the click on the inbox messages ( transparent to the user )
  • Summary : the message content
  • Url : link that you can insert in the message content
  • Url Icon : add an icon to the link if you want


You can define one or more actions buttons (type url, system, event, close) that will appears below your inbox message.

Detail of button label options

  • Request : send a request basis ( transparent to the user )
  • URL : allows redirection to a web page ( fill in the url field )
  • Event : this button is set by your developer if you want to associate the click such a basic event)
  • Close : This button is also set by your developer (for a closing action of the message , the web page redirection, or application , for example)

Custom parameters

Add one or more customs params as you want by adding a couple of key/value (eg: redirect to the home page or tracking code of the message)


Add your segment (firstly test segment, then sending segment) and click on button “save”.Then, go back on the list page of inbox messages and on click on the sending button. A summary modal of your inbox message will appear ; check if everything is good for you and then confirm the sending.

Below are some examples of the inbox and display :