Android interactive notifications

Since Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), notifications can incorporate buttons and provide the opportunity for mobile users to interact directly with the message displayed on the screen or in the center of notifications. Widely appreciated by mobile users, this message format is now available on your Accengage interface, with our Android SDK version 3.3.0 and onwards, for push notifications and scheduled alarms.

Discover below all the information you need to setup and use buttons on your push messages or scheduled alarms:

1. Adding button categories on the Accengage interface

On Android, buttons are directly generated in the payload of the notification.

That is why categories do not need to be declared in the application (contrary to iOS) but you can still declare some as custom presets on the Accengage interface if you like:  Menu Settings > Advanced Settings > Section 10.Categories (buttons for interactive notifications)

A category can contain up to 3 buttons. Within a category, each button is defined by a (an):

  • Label :  text that appears on the button
  • Icon : it is mandatory to upload an icon for each button in the application. The icon will appear on the left of the button

On the modal below, fill in the different fields (name of the category, button label and  icon name) for each category of buttons you want to use and click on SAVE

Preset buttons

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2. Creating interactive push notifications and/or scheduled alarms

To add buttons to your push notifications and/or scheduled alarms, follow the  steps below :

  • Select your Android  application
  • Go to the Actions menu > Push notifications > New message Or Actions menu > scheduled alarms > New alarm (for scheduled alarms)
  • In the section 2. Message (or section 4 for scheduled alarms) first, select the template you want to use for your long message. Please note that custom templates and template BigTextBigPicture do not allow the use of buttons on the notifications
  • Select if you want to display (or not) the notification when the user's device is locked. For information, if you choose not to display the notification, please note that Android requires that the device has been locked for at least 5 minutes. Below this limit, the notification will be displayed even if this option was selected
  • Then, unfold the "buttons" field and select the button category you want to use (custom buttons or preset buttons)
  • Choose on click action type between the propositions : webview, browser, click-to-mail, click-to-phone, click-to-Playstore, click-to-sms, Url scheme,
  • If you chose a custom button , enter the name of the icon downloaded in the application for this button
  • Check the box "Destructive" if you want to delete the notification on click on this button
  • Add additional parameters if needed
  • Then test your message after selecting your segment(s) test

Please note that you can make changes on our preset buttons categories (eg : add one button more, change a label or the name of an icon). If you change the name of an icon, make sure that the new name corresponds to an existing icon uploaded in the application (if not, your notification may not be displayed) . Finally, be aware that your change(s) will be valid only for this message (not for the next ones)

Here are some examples of interactive notification display:

Locked screen

Unlocked screen and notifications centre

Interactive notification with 3 buttons