Multi-app push notifications

The multi-app allows you to send the same push message to all app users of your applications (iOS & Android) via a single form for creating a message.

Creating a multi-app message

  1. Click on the menu Actions > Push Notifications button. The list of campaigns and messages associated with your application are then displayed.
  2. Select an application at random from the target applications for your push.
  3. To create a multi-app push, click on the button "NEW MULTI APP". You will be directed to a form to be filled in.

To create a multi-app push,

  1. Fill in the new message like you would for a standard notification
  2. Select the target applications for sending. If you wish to select all your applications, use the Select all applications button. All your applications will then be added automatically to the message targets.
  3. Click on Send. The message will be sent to all selected applications by targeting all porters.
  4. If you want to save the message at first, click on Save. The message will be created identically on all selected applications.

Multi-app : list of push messages

In the list of messages, multi-app messages are shown with the simultaneous push icon as follows:

From the list of push messages, depending on the multi-App pictogram clicked, the action can be performed on all applications or only on the active application.

  • Modify a multi-app message:

There are two ways to modify a multi-app message :

  1. Customise as a unit a message derived from multi-app programming
  2. Modify all the messages at once

This is why, when you edit a multi-app message (not yet sent), at the end of the input form, you find these action buttons :

Modify Modify only the message for the current application

Modify all messages Modify all messages linked to the multi-app push

  • Delete a multi-app message:

On click of the deletetion pictogram, only the message of the active application is deleted.

  • Send a multi-app message:

On click of the sending pictogram, the sending is made on all the applications.

  • Programming a multi-app message:

On click of the scheduling pictogram, the scheduling is made on all applications.

Once on the page listing the scheduling:

  • On click of the deletion of scheduling pictogram, the scheduling is deleted on all applications.
  • On click of the "Stop scheduling" pictogram, only the scheduling of the active application is stopped (Status: inactive).
  • On click of the modification of scheduling pictogram, the modification is made for all the applications.