Rich Push notifications

Adding the Accengage notifications SDK allows you to make the message of your notification in the application longer through some specificactions

  • Open the application and then open Webview on top of the application.
  • Open the application and then open a specific view of the application.
  • Open the application and then the trigger a call, open the app store, etc.

Creating a Rich push notification to Webview

If, when you receive a notification, you want your application to launch and a webview to be displayed on top of your application, follow these steps.

A Webview page is a simple or complex HTML page that can be hosted on the Accengage servers.

In the create message form, you should enter the URL of your rich push:

If you have a hosted page, enter the URL as follows:

If you wish to create your page in Accengage, click on Create the rich push page. An HTML graphics editing module comes up.

If you want to upload an image, click on then click on browse and upload your image. The image will automatically be centred and the size adapted. Opt for uploading in high definition format.

Creating a Rich push notification to a browser

The rich-push notification to a browser behaves in the same way as the rich-push notification to Webview for screens #1 and #2. In the case of a rich push redirecting to a Browser, the application is first launched and then the app user’s browser is launched to display the desired HTML content :

It involves the opening of the application and then opening and redirecting to the browser after launching. The user will be practically unaware that the application has opened.

Creating a Rich push notification to open a specific application view

Specific settings may be sent in the body of Accengage notifications to open the application in a particular place. You have 2 options :

Option 1 : the document Custom settings in a push notification explains how to declare an action that will be triggered when receiving a notification.

  • Retrieve the reference key / value / description which will allow you to target the views of your application effectively or trigger an expected action. (for example, if you wish to send “action=display” to your application, you need to put it as follows: “Keyword: action” and “value: display”)
  • If you need to pass on several settings in your notification, you can Add an additional setting.

Option 2 : for a simple redirection to a view of your application, you can directly use the cell of Rich push URL and add your own deeplink that souhld be like this :  "appname://…"

Create a Rich push notification to prompt a phone call or open the App Store

  • Use the Rich Push URL field
  • Choose “Open in browser” or “open in Webview” according to the scenarios below
  • Replace the http://with a classic URL for :