Split testing

The split-test push allows you to send messages to a sample of your final sending segments. Split testing can be useful for testing how effective several messages are. Once the message has taken on more changes in the sample, it can be sent to the remaining app users of your sending segment.

Creating a split-test push

  1. Click on Actions > Push Notifications. The lists of campaigns and messages associated with your application will then be displayed.
  2. Select the application of your choice.
  3. To create a split-test push, click on the button "New split testing"
  4. You will then be directed to the following form:
  1. Fill in the new split-test push form. Please complete all the fields marked with a The percentage of the sample defined will be used for sending the split.

You wish to test sending two split-test messages by filling in the percentage of the sample with the value of 5%. The two split-test messages will be sent to the same number of mobile internet users among your 5% sample. In the current example, messages 1 and 2 will each be sent to 2.5% of the users present in the sample your sending segments.

The percentage entered in the “sample percentage” field is an overall percentage for all your split-test messages.

  1. Once you have entered the name of the message and selected your campaign, you need to select your sending segments.

In the current example, the sample is set at 5% of all the users present in the “All” source segment.

In Segment source(s), you will find the list of segments receiving your messages. In the Segment test(s) field, are the test segments for your batch files. You then need to select your segments. The segments are displayed in alphabetical order. You can select one or more segments for the same message per field.

  1. Before duplicating your message, check that you have correctly filled in all of the mandatory fields. Then click on Duplicate the split

A form for creating your second message appears with the same information as that entered previously in message 1. Then modify message 2 according to your wishes.

Once all the information has been completed, you can:

  • Send a batch file for each message
  • Cancel the new split test message being processed and return to the message summary page
  • Save your message to perform another action
  • Send your message immediately, that is, initially splits
  • Schedule the sending of your message for a later date
  • Click on Save to confirm your choice.
  1. To send a split-test push, click on the button send in the form or on send from the summary page.
  2. If the splits have not been sent, then the following window appears:
  1. Should you wish to send your message in a batch file, click on Send to test segments. If you wish to send real split messages at the same time, click on Send splits.
  2. You can test the hourly programming of your split messages by associating them individually using the list of messages and date sent.
  3. When your split messages have been sent, on the push notifications page, the status of your split test messages changes to “Sent as split”.
  1. After this, to generalize your campaign go to the statistics of your message and clic on the "Send" icon corresponding to the message which has to be generalized
  1. The following popup appears, click on "Send" to generalize your message.