This section helps you to create and manage your accounts. At any time you can change, delete or temporarily suspend access to your accounts (by disassociating your profile from your applicat

New Profile

Profiles are users who have access to the interface. It is the customer's responsibility to create a contact for each new user (Simple Profile) so that they can be provided with login details.

Creating a new profile

  • Click on the menu "Administration". The list of profiles associated with applications is then displayed.
  • To create a new profile, click on button " New profile". You will be directed to a form as below that should be filled. If you wish to modify an existing profile, click on the edit icon

  • The profile's login details are an email address and password.
  • If you have several applications, select those ones which you wish to allocate to your profile.
  • Manage roles and access levels through "Access rights". Some roles are preconfigured, allowing you to create a user account quickly based on the default rights. You can then personalise these details by ticking/unticking user rights.