How to choose a channel

Let's get you up and ready to use the Accengage SDK in your mobile app :

New channel: Version including all the new features.

  • A version containing new features can be published every 2 or 3 months.
  • A version can be published every month in case of bugfixes.
  • A version becomes Old about 2 months after the initial release.

The New Channel is therefore the most innovative one and you should choose this one in order to benefit from the latest innovations and features from Accengage.

Old channel: Version including feedbacks from our clients.

A version can be published about every month and is mostly related to bugfixes.

The Old Channel therefore reflects the most stable version of the SDK, as it is the one where Accengage benefits from the most hindsight. You should choose this one in case you would like to absolutely minimize any risk.

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