An application in Accengage is the description of your support and includes all the necessary information for routing a notification

Whether you are using an iOS or Android application, you should first activate the push service (APNs, C2D< or GCM) to be able to use Accengage.

See the two Accengage reference guides.

We strongly recommend switching to a GCM push protocol for Android. Google no longer guarantees C2DM platform support.

Manage application

Creating a mobile application

  1. Click on the menu Settings > Manage applications. The list of applications associated with your profile will be displayed.

  2. To create a new application, please contact the Project Manager affiliated to your account for your request. After validation, the support team will create the desired new application (s), which you can  edit to add the information below.

  • For iOS, you can specify whether you have a push development certificate or Sand box APNs certificate by ticking the box.
  • To receive tokens from your app users, you must type in the login details which were sent to you with your SDK, i.e. your Partner ID and your Private Key.

Once your application has been filled, submit your form to create the application. The status tells you whether the connection to APN C2DM or, more recently, GCM was successful or not.

Certificate status

  • No certificate: The certificate has not been uploaded
  • Invalid password: The certificate has not been converted properly. Either the certificate is invalid, or the password is incorrect
  • The Gateway has rejected the connection: Connection to the Gateway failed. The certificate has most probably expired
  • Active: The certificate is valid for sending (operational)

Advanced settings

To use the Accengage in-app formats, in your application you first need to enter:

  • In what views messages will be displayed within your application (e.g. you want your in-app messages to display only in the “Home” and “Subscription” sections).
  • The status and targeting used for the messages displayed.
  • The templates (formats) of messages to be displayed
  • What orientation is supported (portrait/landscape)
  • The application type: telephone, tablet or universal application
  • Events to be targeted

Below is a view of Accengage advanced settings

Accengage allows 3 message formats that can be sent :

  • Text or web banner
  • Text or web interstitial
  • Pop-up messages

The Accengage software development kit (SDK) provides a list of banner and interstitial templates and you may:

  • Use these as they are, without modifying them
  • Customise them
  • Develop new templates (duplicate one of the templates and adjust it)