Import devices into a static list within the interface

As indicated in our article "Segments and static lists", a static list is a set of mobile users whose volume is "static" at a specific time.

This list can be used to target specific users or exclude specific ones from a dynamic segment.

If you want to know how to create a static list, please visit the page indicated above.

Once created, the list is empty. This means that you have to populate it with some devices if you want the list to be useful.

To do so :

  1. On the Accengage dashboard, go to the tab "Targeting" > select "Segments/lists" > tab "Static lists" > click on the button "Import devices" (see the screenshot below)
  2. To populate a static list, you must import a .csv file including the devices you want to add. This upload can be done by clicking on the button "Browse" (see the screenshot below)

  1. Once the file is uploaded, select the static list which has to be populated
  2. At this step you can choose either to remove the existing data from the selected list (checkbox checked) or add new data to the list (checkbox unchecked)
  3. Then, you have to match the columns existing in your file and the fields existing in the Accengage Database
  4. If your file has a head line with labels, keep the checkbox "Do not import the first line of the uploaded file" checked. If there is no head line, uncheck it.
  5. Click on "Import"

Your static list has now been populated with some devices ! You can now use it as a target in your messages or as an inclusion/exclusion in a dynamic segment.

Note that if you go back to the import device page, you can consult the historical of the imports made :

Moreover, if you want to know which devices are contained inside a static list, you can export the data in .csv format :