Test tools

The test tools will firstly help you to verify the proper integration of our SDK by ensuring that the information displayed are complied to your tagging plan, and in addition to follow the campaigns related to a device.

To use it, follow the instructions below:

A sidebar with 8 tabs will be displayed. You can easily switch on the tabs to discover all information on the application and the selected profile. Please note that there is a limit of 10 lines per tab page for the information displayed .

  • Profile: lists the fields by default in the database. On this tab, you can check the version of your application, the integrated SDK, or all information required for a push notification like the token, the opt-in notif, feedback etc..
  • Custom fields: lists the fields added to the database schema. Generally his fields are powered via the SDK by the UpdateDeviceInfo method
  • Opened : display in reverse chronological order, the openings of the application on the device with the information below  : IP address, connection type, application name, bundle version, SDK version
  • Purchases: displays a chronological order of the  historical of purchases made on the device with the : reference and cost (total amount in eur, gbp or usd)
  • Cart: lists updates to cart performed on the device. The information displayed are the article reference, the article name, the currency, the price, the quantity
  • Send : lists the last 15 pushs sent to this deviceID
  • Reactions: lists all post-click reactions to sending a push or an in -app. Warning , the information displayed as reaction are not the same for push and for in-app messages.

For push messages you will have:

  • The date on which the push has been opened
  • The message ID and the message title
  • The type of message

For in-app messages, more criteria are displayed depending on the format:

Banners and interstitials

If no action has been done, recovery action will be 0, which means that the in-app was closed.

If  an action was made on the in-app, the action will be empty lift with this information  :

  • the date
  • the message ID
  • the name of the message
  • the type of message


All the criteria below are displayed whether the alert has been closed or an action has been done.

  • the date
  • the message ID
  • the name of the message
  • the type of message
  • the ID of button
  • the name of button
  • the type of action

  • Leads: display the actions that you tag in the application as being important or provider of value (eg : add to cart, filling a form , downloading a catalog etc .. ) . The information displayed is in the tab are: the name and value of the actions
  • Events: display all the events  (eg, lead , purchase, cart , etc .. ) done by the user in the application by indicating the date, the type, and the value